Audi Introduce Quattro Coaster AR App

Audi Introduce Quattro Coaster AR App
February 9, 2018

Audi’s Norwegian arm is going nuts with the augmented reality apps. Fresh off its Virtual Sandbox campaign, they’re now letting adults play with Audis, too.


The app’s party piece allows its users to create tracks and superimpose them onto their real-world surroundings.

Called the Audi Quattro Coaster, you can see a Q2, Q5, Q6, or A7 on a wild ride around your living room, your office, or wherever else you find your attention wandering.


But it’s more than just a toy. The Quattro Coaster will also superimpose a full size, highly detailed model of any of the above mentioned cars over your surroundings.


That way you can see what an A7 would look like in your kitchen, but also probably more usefully in your driveway.


You can also get inside the car, or make certain Norwegian Audi commercials burst out of the screen. All through your phone.


The app is available on iOS.

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