Aspyr Media Tease Screenshots Of VR Title Torn

Aspyr Media Tease Screenshots Of VR Title Torn
February 28, 2018

Torn will be the studio’s first foray into virtual reality (VR), and judging by these first images its going to be a good looking title. At present details are thin on the ground, with an official websiteshowcasing a very creepy mansion. The only info reads: “CONDEMNED as dangerous and unsafe. Due to unsafe conditions and illegal experimentation, this house is to remain sealed until further notice.”


By the looks of things Torn is going down the psychological horror route with mad scientists, possible mental asylum weirdness, and some otherworldly goings on. The screenshots showcase a mix of internal locations with massive electrical wiring, pipes, and old fashioned furniture – all very Victorian in style – so there’s surely plenty of hidden secrets to find as well as puzzles to solve.


Then there are the more unusual images like the dream-like wispy trees (some sort hallucination?) and the slightly more terrifying tower of twisted cables attached to a giant contraption that’s emerging behind a mountain range. One things for sure is that there are some bizarre events going on in Torn.


Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Aspyr Media was founded in 1996 and tends to specialise in publishing Mac videogames, having brought blockbuster gaming franchises including Call of Duty, Sid Meier’s Civilization, Star Wars, Borderlands and SimCity to the platform.

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