Archiact Is Having A Blast Making FPS Evasion

Archiact Is Having A Blast Making FPS Evasion
April 14, 2018

They spoke with the developer about its latest VR experience.


If you’ve been following coverage of Evasion, an upcoming virtual reality (VR) first-person shooter (FPS) by Archiact Interactive, then you’ll know we’ve developed a fondness for the title after a couple of separate previews. Offering something VR enthusiasts didn’t think was possible only a short while ago, Evasion is turning into a AAA shooter for VR. Catching up with the team during the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2018, they found out further details on the experience.

Archiact announced its latest title back in October 2017, going for a sci-fi, bullet hell gameplay style that would support both single-player and co-op multiplayer modes. With four character classes to choose from Evasion allows up to four people to play as a team, traversing destructible environments, completing objectives and facing off against giant bosses.


Each of the four classes (Striker, Surgeon, Engineer and Warden) have their own unique strengths, weapons and abilities, with players able to customise their class as they level-up.


With a frantic paced shooter like Evasion Archiact has been keen to ensure players are as comfortable as possible whilst in VR. So there’s a big range of movement customisation options available to suit every need. Whether that’s teleportation, smooth locomotion, snap turning or anything in between.

When they previewed Evasion at GDC 2018 Archiact was demoing the experience alongside the new HTC Vive Pro, to which we said: “Having used the HTC Vive since launch and being accustomed to its visual fidelity there was certainly a ‘wow’ moment stepping out into Evasion’s alien world, it looked so crisp and vivid that it’s was easy to forget this demo was being held in GDC. Screenshots of VR titles can sometimes look far better than what’s actually presented, this was like being inside a screenshot.”


Talking to Archiact Interactive’s Senior Producer Jennifer Dowding, they learnt that the Evasion build was specific to GDC 2018, unlocking more content and giving taste of the co-op action. Check out the interview below.

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