Arcade Shooter Mortal Blitz Heading To PSVR

Arcade Shooter Mortal Blitz Heading To PSVR
April 4, 2017

New PSVR Arcade shooter’s release is just around the corner.  If you like old school Arcade shooters then Mortal Blitz might just be the VR game you been looking for.  Trailer inside.


Now back in my younger days, we had awesome light gun arcade shooters like House of the Dead or Time Crisis.  On the home console front, that genre has somewhat died down.  Until the advent of VR that is.  And that’s pretty much where Mortal Blitz fits in.  Take that Arcade shooter from the 90’s, bump up the graphics and immerse the player in VR.  Now you pretty much get the picture of this game.  Fast paced light gun action using your Move controllers and some interactive environments to boot.


It honestly looks like a lot of fun.  I’ll be honest, I’m still holding out for the PSVR library to grow a bit more before I take the leap into VR.  When I do, you can bet Mortal Blitz will be included in my collection.  The game releases Tomorrow exclusively for PSVR.  Now sit back, relax and enjoy the trailer.  As always, keep it locked to


Mortal Blitz Launch Trailer

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