This AR Game Rewards You With Real-Life Items

This AR Game Rewards You With Real-Life Items
December 11, 2016

A lot of games provide you with rewards for completing certain goals or quests, but most of the time these are in-game items that are frankly useless in real-life.


This week a new augmented reality game called Snatch was launched to provide you with some better rewards than what is usually on offer, with a range of things on offer from a year of free Pizza from Pizza Hunt, all the way up to personalised jars of Marmite. In total there are 250,000 prize parcels around the UK, totalling a massive £15 million worth of prizes to grab.


To win some of these, players simply need to download the snatch app onto their smartphone and then simply take a walk, discovering and stealing virtual parcels on the way, however, these parcels will have a timer on them, the length of which you will have to hold onto the parcel and keep them from being stolen by other players.


The creators of the game have said that the game is already extremely popular in the UK, with Brits snatching a total of 41,200 parcels in London over the last week alone, with players in the app for an average of 49 minutes a day.


This was all created by the former forensic scientist and behavioural expert, Joe Market, who has been developing the game over the last two years.


He said the following about the game:


“Why build a fantastical world to escape and play in, when the world we live in can provide an incredible landscape, rich with obstacles and other players ready to snatch your parcels? And you are rewarded with cool prizes worth playing for if you win? When I was young, I was told not to “snatch” but this game turns that truism on its head and makes it fun which feels wrong! This is all about winning, against your friends and strangers.”

We are so excited to get the UK out and active, playing Snatch and winning real prizes. I’ve spent two years developing this game and it’s an amazing feeling to see it finally go live to the British public across the country, just in time for Christmas.”


You can download the game from one of the source links below.

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