Anvio VR Debut New Full-Body Experience

Anvio VR Debut New Full-Body Experience
March 3, 2018

Anvio VR takes players deep underground in their second full-body VR experience, Lost Sanctuary.


Following the success of their first full-body virtual reality (VR) title, Anvio VR have released their second product in the form of a puzzle-adventure title named Lost Sanctuary.


In Lost Sanctuary, players must work together to descend deep below the ground in order to uncover a forgotten civilisation and discover the treasures that lie in wait. Up to four players can enter this ancient and abandoned city and must work together, solving puzzles and traversing the environment, in order to progress deeper into the heart of the city. Equipped with wrist mounted weaponry, players will be able to use the full-body tracking technology in conjunction with an Oculus Rift headset to have complete freedom of movement without the need to hold onto any peripherals.


The total immersion that comes from the full-body tracking solution that Anvio VR use allows the wearer to erase the lines between the physical and virtual worlds, enjoying the experience like never before. As Lost Sanctuary will see players entering a mysterious underground world, they can expect to find all sorts of sights below including ancient buildings that tower over them and large, glowing mushrooms that create fantasy locations full of danger. Lost Sanctuary is on the other end of the scale in comparison to Anvio VR’s other title, City Z, which put players up against the undead in a fast paced, close-quarter combat situation.


All of this is possible thanks to the advanced technology that Anvio VR uses to create a complete virtual world that is able to support large open spaces and physical interaction for up to four players. The large play area, complete wireless system and the latest in VR headsets and tracking ensure that a player has complete freedom with no latency. As all the equipment is supplied on site and there is no handheld weaponry required, Lost Sanctuary is completely accessible to any and all visitors.


Lost Sanctuary may only be the second title that Anvio VR has released but the team are committed to releasing more in the future, offering a diverse content library to visitors. With the guarantee that their will always be something new to try and the limitless possibilities of virtual space, Anvio VR will continue to create full-body VR experiences for the foreseeable future.

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