Amsterdam: World's 1st Gaming Hotel Reopens

Amsterdam: World's 1st Gaming Hotel Reopens
February 3, 2017
Arcade Hotel, Amsterdam


The Arcade Hotel originally opened back in January 2016 and it hit headlines as each room came with a retro console and slew of computer games available to borrow for free. The lobby and bar was also kitted out with arcade machines and multiplayer consoles, with owners hosting regular gaming events.

Gamers at the Arcade Hotel, Amsterdam.


Other new additions to the hotel include a games room with Virtual Reality headsets, the latest computer consoles and gaming PCs. That’s on top of the current crop of gaming machines on offer including Ataris, Nintendo Entertainment Systems, Gameboys, PlayStations, Game Cubes, Super Nintendos, N64s and Xboxes.

The De Pijp hotel also boasts a comic book library and bicycle hire and it often hosts lectures and food events as well. Following the upgrade, rooms will now cost between €125 and €250 per night.


Amsterdam isn’t the first city to embraces gaming and tourism. Vienna in Austria now has a virtual reality (VR) bar where gamers can drink and try out the latest VR for free.

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