Adr1ft Dev Urges Fans to 'Demand' PSVR Port

Adr1ft Dev Urges Fans to 'Demand' PSVR Port
September 23, 2016

The studio behind virtual reality space adventure Adrift – sorry, Adr1ft – has called on fans to put pressure on the powers that be to have the game greenlit for PlayStation VR.
Adrift was released on PC earlier this year and then on PS4 in the summer. However, many were surprised when publisher 505 Games said that there were no plans to bring the game to Sony’s new VR headset.
“If you want to see Adrift on PSVR, tell 505 Games Shuhei Yoshida,” developer Three One Zero said on Twitter (well that’s the translated version), as spotted by Videogamer. It later added: “Killer app, crazy to not do it! Deb's are GTG!”
We think that last bit means that devs (perhaps called Deborah) are good to go.
The game has been likened to ‘Gravity’ in that it sees players fending for survival on a space station. It didn’t review especially well, but certainly has the potential to encourage some VR headset sales.

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