9.6% Of Resident Evil 7 Players Scream In VR

9.6% Of Resident Evil 7 Players Scream In VR
January 28, 2017

Resident Evil 7's Baker family is more fond of good-old fashioned death traps than high-tech stuff like PlayStation VR, but a surprising number of their new guests are electing to play in virtual reality. According to Capcom's official stat tracker on ResidentEvil.net, 9.6 percent of all players worldwide have used VR to play the game.


Either people are braver than I expected or they're so starved for marquee VR experiences that they're willing to put up with all that horror just inches from their eyeballs. It's extra impressive considering VR support is only available on PS4, just one of RE7's three supported platforms. The tracker doesn't indicate how long the nearly 65,000 Resident Evil 7 VR players have braved the bayou with their heads ensconced in PlayStation VR but they've at least given it a try.


According to the tracker, almost 675,000 people have played the game so far and they've already racked up 14.8 million kills. Careless intruders left 86 percent of all doors open but (minor mini-game spoiler, I guess) only 3,344 billiards balls have been pocketed so far. Better start working on your trick shot.

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