The 7 Best Oculus Touch Launch Games

The 7 Best Oculus Touch Launch Games
December 6, 2016

The Unspoken

Magic is real. Its practitioners lurk in backrooms across the city. Duels play out in concealed urban areas, each with different destructible features and spell enabling properties. The Unspoken is the physical action of a fighting game married to the dynamic battlefield of an arena shooter executed marvelously in virtual reality. 


The Unspoken is free as an Oculus Touch preorder bonus.




Enter a futuristic gladiatorial arena packed with rabid fans as you face off against networked opponents in a disc throwing duel. A wholly unique navigation system will allow you to deftly position your hover board as you reach out with your Touch controllers to launch, catch and punch the speeding, spinning Ripcoil disc.


Ripcoil can be downloaded on Oculus Home.



Dead and Buried

The Wild West when combined with first-person shooters can be pretty fun, but VR takes it to a whole new level. Dead and Buriedfeatures both single and multiplayer modes, Dead and Buried lets you warm up in the shooting gallery or go head-to-head as either a lawman or outlaw.


Dead and Buried is free for anyone who purchases Oculus Touch.



VR Sports Challenge

VR Sports Challenge is a launch title for Oculus Touch that has a tremendous amount of replay value. Players can choose from Hockey, Football, Basketball and a number of minigames including a Home Run Derby. 


VR SPORTS CHALLENGE is free as an Oculus Touch preorder bonus.



Superhot VR

Time moves when you move. SUPERHOT is so much more intense in VR, and just as unforgiving.



Dead Hungry

Zombies are swarming your fast food stand. Your only hope is the make as much food as possible and throw it at them. If you feed the zombie horde well enough, they will transform back into humans and leave you alone. This is the premise for the hilariously fun Dead Hungry for Oculus Touch.



I Expect You To Die

Your mind is your best weapon in I Expect You To Die. The game is a virtual reality puzzle game that places you in the fancy shoes of an elite secret agent. You must attempt to survive deadly situations in immersive, dangerous locale or die of course.

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