5 Must Have Games For Your Oculus Rift

5 Must Have Games For Your Oculus Rift
January 28, 2017

Consider this your Oculus Rift starter kit.


There's a lot going on in the Oculus Store, which is the primary place you get games for your Rift headset. Titles range wildly when it comes to price and description, due in no small part to Oculus pulling content that was originally made for the Samsung Gear VR into the store so you can experience it in a higher resolution. It's a lot to take in, and that's only going to get more interesting when you start playing games for your Oculus Rift that come from Steam instead of the Oculus Store.


To help you get started with your Oculus Rift, we've put together a quick list of titles everyone should have in their library in order to fully appreciate this incredible VR experience.


Ready, go!


Project CARS, for all racing fans

When it comes to racing in VR, you either want the most realistic experience possible or you want something utterly fantastic with weapons and whatnot. Project CARS is the former, and in regular PC form it's a fantastic racing sim that offers more realism than just about anything else available today. Put that experience in a VR headset, and you include real world head tracking from the driver's seat to take that immersion one step further. See at Green Man Gaming


Adr1ft, for a disembodied adventure in space

Virtual Reality has created an incredible space for First Person Experiences, or FPX for short. These games create an environment where you experience a story happening all around you. These games are often powerfully emotional without being overly action-packed or requiring an itchy trigger finger.


Adr1ft puts you in a space suit as you float silently through a space station that has just failed catastrophically, and through your Oculus Rift that experience can be downright terrifying if you let it. See at Green Man Gaming


Minecraft, for everyone who loves to build

Everything about Minecraft begs to be in VR. The way you can explore a massively unique world is enhanced by looking around with just your head movements, and with a Gamepad in hand the gameplay is familiar enough that you can play quite a bit without needing to look around and see your keys. Explore, build, and share both with those in VR and those playing in standard 2D mode. Everything you can do in the standard Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta you can do in VR; just remember to keep you eyes peeled for creepers! See at Microsoft


The Climb, for climbing sheer beauty

Rarely do you hear the words "achieved with CRYENGINE" and walk away disappointed. With games like FarCry, MechWarrior Online, Crysis, and Ryse: Son of Rome all having been built with the CRYENGINE platform, seeing that brand usually means you're in for a visual treat. In The Climb, you may not walk away at all. The game is built to make you feel as though you're climbing massive rock formations. As you look around with your Rift, the environments you're climbing in are intoxicating and — if you're afraid of heights — terrifying. You can race your climb against friends if you need co-op in your list, but clearly the goal here is to solve some cool puzzles and enjoy the remarkable scenery.


Bonus points: this game is even more incredible when played with Oculus Touch controllers! See at Oculus


Arizona Sunshine, for endless zombie violence

The full on zombie apocalypse is here, and you're just about as immersed in this mess as you can possibly get. Arizona Sunshine puts you right in the middle of the fight, and leaves you mostly by yourself as you travel the desert wastelands in search of something resembling sanctuary. The combat system is compelling, the jump scares are enough to really get you going, and when you aren't scraping zombie off your boot the world is absolutely stunning.


This game is one of those that requires Oculus Touch controllers to play, and is worth every minute of the experience! See at Oculus

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