340,000 People Watched Esports Tournament In VR

340,000 People Watched Esports Tournament In VR
March 17, 2017
173,000 spectators attended the event in Poland, 46 million watched online; Astralis won the 2017 CS:GO Intel Extreme Masters World Championship - Credit: IEM


The Intel Extreme Masters esports tournament in Poland, where players compete in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and StarCraft II, attracted 173,000 spectators and 46 million online viewers. What's really interesting though is that 340,000 people checked out the tournaments through virtual reality.


The virtual reality experience featured "an immersive 360° VR space that includes live stats, replays, and scores in real-time." Virtual viewer numbers were up 200 percent from the last big tournament in Oakland, which suggests the word about VR, and the headsets, are trickling down from early adopters into the wider gaming community. 

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