15 VR Survival Horror Games For 2017

15 VR Survival Horror Games For 2017
January 10, 2017

VR is breathing new life into the horror genre, giving players a new way to experience the terrifying events of these blood-curdling games. Its been said time and time again that VR and horror go hand in hand. Keeping that in mind, here are the top 15 upcoming VR survival horror games you need to keep an eye out.


1. DemonicGuestVR


Developed and published by Mgsstudio, DemonicGuestVR is more of a VR experience rather than an actual game. The game doesn’t let you control anything but allows the player to keep track of your surroundings which are full of strange noises. The game will make you feel that that someone or something is coming for you, stalking you as you try and escape a haunted house.


2. Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul


Paranormal Activity made a name for itself by letting viewers experience horror through cameras and pre-recorded footage. But the series’ jump to VR it puts you right in the middle of these scenes that you usually watch from the outside. It’ll take a brave soul to tackle the horrors that stack the sleek, haunted hallways.


3. Allison Road


Inspired by P.T., Allison Road seeks to immerse players in a singular environment, let them sink into a comfortable rhythm, and then scare them like they have never been scared before. The title will feature a complete narrative (unlike PT), giving players a reason to continue pressing on through the horrific trials at hand.


4. Visage


A haunted house seems to be the ideal location to set a VR horror game in. It’s a mix of the now infamous PT and classic adventure games. This means you’ll experience a mix of thought provoking puzzles and mind-bending horror. Exploring the house in VR adds an extra layer of terror, making everything harder to endure.


5. Inner Chains


Inner chains is a horror experience set in a surreal world, where skeletons rise from their graves, islands float in the sky, and nothing is as it seems. Hulking enemies rush towards you, intent on killing you at all costs. It’s a no holds barred fight for survival. The enemies keeping coming at you, trying to keep you from escaping their dying world.


6. Agony


Set in the bowls of hell, Agony is a fast paced shooter with throngs of grotesque demons to kill. The action may be blistering, but there is nothing cute or cuddly about this title. Everything in the game’s well-crafted hell-scape is beautifully realized and designed to scare even the bravest of gamers.


7. Ghost Theory


A small university enlists your services and you join a team of paranormal investigators, manipulating a range of gadgets to discover ghosts in some of the world’s most haunted houses. There’s a range of locations to work through, each with new mysteries to solve and terrifying ghosts to scare your VR headset right off your head.


8. The Hum: Abductions


Holly Sanders’ husband went missing several months ago and life had gotten hard. And it isn’t about to get any easier as strange things begin happening throughout her house. It’s a prequel to The Hum, which centered on strange alien appearances in a suburban home. So expect plenty of aliens mixed with the familiar in this VR experience.


9. The Walking Dead VR


Set in the world of the TV show, Overkill’s The Walking Dead drops players directly into the rotting world of the popular series. The dead walk every street, roam every building, and you never know when they might rear their decaying heads. The sheer amount of zombies is enough to scare anyone but add in the atmosphere that comes with the end of society as we know it and you get a pretty intense experience.


10. Sisters


Trapped in a house filled with cunning puzzles, bizarre secrets, evil dolls that bleed from their eyes and plenty of traps, you need to find your sister and escape before the house sees to it that you meet a very bloody end. Like many other VR horror games, the fear comes from the sense of immersion and claustrophobia that the headset imbues, creating an entirely different kind of experience for the genre.


11. Affected


Affected attempts to simplify the horror genre, stripping away everything but the pure feelings of fear that only VR can bring out. You explore three unique nightmares, each filled with its own brand of horror. The devil is in the details, surrounding the player with grotesque details that only serve to paint a more gruesome picture the further they venture into the game.


12. Don’t Knock Twice


“One knock to wake her from her bed, twice to raise her from the dead.” This is the premise of Don’t Knock Twice, which sets the stage for some intense horror as you explore an abandoned house that is the site of a gruesome murder. The entire house can be interacted with, immersing you further into the narrative as you try to figure out exactly what is happening within its haunted walls.


13. Syren


Set in an underwater research facility where bizarre creatures have escaped and are now running wild, Syren pits players against hordes of aquatic killers. These merpeople wander through the hallways. Luckily you have a gun to ward off their advances, but you can only last for so long before they converge. The horror comes from the need to survive against overwhelming odds that encroach from every corner of your vision.


14. Outlast 2


The first Outlast terrified players as they wandered aimlessly through a dilapidated insane asylum, with only a handheld camera to fight off the crazed inmates. Outlast 2 will feature an all new locale in the middle of the desert, which will offer up a whole new set of scares. And VR will only make the experience that much intense.


15. Resident Evil 7


The next entry in the famous horror franchise is also going to let players experience a new level of horror, completely immersing themselves in the experience. It’s moving the franchise away from the action-heavy style and taking on a first-person perspective to truly reinvent the series and bring back the horror elements that made it a household name in the first place.
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