11 Best Google Daydream Apps And Games

11 Best Google Daydream Apps And Games
November 17, 2016

Google's Daydream View headset is light, comfy, and stylish - like a well-made pair of cosy winter slippers, if you like.


Strap your slippers to your face though, and not much will happen, though you'll probably bang your toe on the coffee table and curse yourself for doing something so silly.


Place Google's swanky new Pixel-powered headset on your noggin though, and you'll be greeted with a world of virtual possibilities.


At the moment, the content library is rather scarce, but that's soon set to grow. In the meantime though, we've rounded up some of our favourite apps, along with a handful to check out in the near future:





You might not know the difference between a hippogriff and thestral, but that doesn't mean you won't apreciate waving around a magic wand and getting up close and personal with three gigantic (and often intimidating) magical beasts.


Set in Harry Potter's wondrous universe, Fantastic Beasts sees you tend to three mystical creatures while their owner Newt Scamander is away. His voice is there to guide you, mind, and with a few flicks of your wand, you'll be making potions and throwing grubs to gigantic multi-winged eagles in no time.


The gameplay is very basic, and you'll churn through everything there is to see before 20 minutes is up, but the visuals are superb, and kids and Potter fans alike will love it.



Wonderglade is definitely aimed at little ones, but that doesn't mean you can't barge them out of the way for a minigame binge yourself. It's okay, you're bigger than them, and their reach is too small. You can do whatever you like.


Games range from minigolf, a marble maze, putting out fires with a hose, and wacking diamonds out of the air with a stick. Admittedly those are probably not the official names, but you get the picture.


Fun cartoon visuals, and different uses of the Daydream View controller make this a fun showcase for what Google's headset is capable of. Think Wii Sports, and you're on the right track.


Mekorama VR (£3.79)


Take a dash of Monument Valley, add a cute little robot, season with VR magic, and you've got yourself this adorable little brain puzzler which sees you rotate levels and manipulate obstacles to lead a little mechanical fellow along a journey of exploration.


You can scan QR codes online for more levels too. Yes, they're still a thing. We just checked.


Hunters Gate (£4.99)

We spent more time marvelling at the beautifully crafted level design in Hunters Gate than playing the actual game itself, thanks to its third-person view which gives you the impression that you're towering over a gigantic Warhammer-like tabletop game.


Stare too long though, and enemies will swarm you from all directions. Controls are simple - aiming at an enemy automatically fires projectiles at it, while clicking in the touchpad (which is also used to move around) releases a more powerful area-damage attack.


It can be a little tricky navigating with the touchpad at times, but overall this is well worth a play for the innovative controls and visuals alone.


Arcslinger (£7.49)

We've always wanted to be a gun-slinging cowboy ever since we fired our first spud gun, but for some reason, our Texan hotel owner didn't take too kindly to us shooting potatoes into the sky while scaring the locals.


Thankfully you can do whatever you like in VR, and blasting bad guys with a magical 6-shooter is a great way to relieve stress while living out our childhood cowboy dreams.


You can't move around, so don't expect any CoD-like frantic-paced action, but the remote is surprisingly accurate, and there are plenty of powerups to keep you going in between waves.


PolyRunner VR (£free)

Polyrunner is one of those 'oh ,just one more go' games which you swear you only plan on playing for a few minutes, but before you know it, it's 3:35am, the cat's meowing at the door, and your pizza is burnt to a lethal crisp in the oven.


Essentially, the only aim is to avoid obstacles while collecting powerups which net you extra points or change your speed as you hurtle along. There's no real objective other than to stay alive as long as possible - one collision, and poof, you're gone, showered in your own pixellated debris.


You've got the option to manoeuvre with the controller or by tilting your head, along with the ability to swap to a first person view. Perhaps best avoided after sinking 8 pints and hoovering down a kebab.


Twilight Pioneers (£free)

Magic. Swords. Dragon souls. Enemies. Dungeons. Nope, this isn't Skyrim, but it's as close as you're going to get on your phone in VR, for the time being at least.


While waving around a floating sword without any actual arms is a little disorientating at first, Twilight Pioneers does a good job of sucking you in, thanks to your ability to walk around freely, using a combination of the trackpad and your head movements - freedom that's lacking in most of these other VR titles.


Combat can be a little clunky and uninspiring at times, thanks to a case of mostly waving your arms around as you slice, dice, and fling magic at enemies, but for the grand old price of zero pounds, it's absolutely worth downloading.


Keep talking and nobody explodes (£9.99)

This aptly-named title is unique, in that it offers simultaneous multiplayer gaming with only one headset required.


How you ask? Well, one person wears a headset, and is presented with a randomly generated explosive device, with all sorts of puzzles, switches, knobs and levers to tinker with.


The remaining headset-less people in the room, have access to a freely-available manual, which contains all the instructions for diffusing the bomb.


Communication between the headset wearer and their peers is, as you'd imagine, crucial. Throw a few drinks into the mix however, and it'll all go very wrong. Probably.


PS - cut the blue wire.


Best to Watch


Invasion! (£free)

SPOILER ALERT: If you plan on downloading this short movie - and you should, because it's brilliant - then don't watch the clip above, because it shows the whole thing off in its entirety.


Instead, download it, fire up your Daydream View, and enjoy being in your own Pixar-esque adventure, full of adorable bunnies (of which you are one) and a pair of equally adorable (but rather mean and hapless) aliens.


You'll love it, your kids will love it, and your cat will... probably scratch your hand to pieces if you try and put a VR headset on its head.


YouTube VR (free)

This app does pretty much exactly what you'd expect it to do - namely serve up all of YouTube's growing 360 content in one easy to navigate place.


Our favourites include the Natural History museum's Rhomaleosaurus exhibit video. It's one of those giant underwater dinosaurs with nasty-looking teeth, which comes to life before your very eyes, in a rather alarmingly realistic fashion.


Oh, and it's also worth checking out the close-encounter with a shark too. We're not sure why scaring ourselves with giant oceanic predators is fun, but it is.


Rose (£free)


This short story centering around a tiny little humanoid on a tiny little planet is not only beautiful to look at, and rather adorable, but is has a level of interaction to it to.


You could rotate the planet and world itself by holding down the touchpad, so as the story unfolds before your eyes, you can enjoy events from different perspectives and surroundings. Simple, clever, and engaging.


What to look forward to


Gunjack 2 (£TBC)

Eve: Valkyrie remains one of our favourite Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR titles to date, which is why we've got high hopes for Gunjack: 2 - a slimmed down made-for-Daydream space shooter which promises plenty of deep-space dog fights, explosions and (hopefully) barrel rolls.


Netflix VR (£free)

We don't nee to tell you all the great shows and Netflix original series that can be found in the streaming giant's vast library, because chances are, you've already subjected your peepers to hundreds of hours of Netflix binges.


You'll be glad to hear then, that a Netflix app for Daydream is incoming - though whether it's identical to the log cabin house featured in the Samsung Gear VR version (pictured above) remains to be seen.


Either way, we can't wait to watch Rick and Morty on a virtually massive screen while the rest of our household goggle at the latest episode of Strictly.


Classroom Aquatic (£TBC)

It's tough being an underwater mammal, and it's even tougher when you're at dolphin school and you're greeted with a test you haven't revised for.


That's okay though - if you're careful, you can sneak a peek at other dolphins' answers, throwing rubbers around the room to create distractions.


Careful though, if you're caught by the teacher, you'll be in for a world of trouble. We're not entirely sure what Dolphin Detention entails, but we can't imagine it's pretty.


Layers of fear (£TBC)

If you fancy yourself a bit of an 'ard nut then you're probably going to want to see how long you can last in this first-person horror game before you've flung off your headset in a fitful panic.


From what we can gather, you're stuck in a rather spooky mansion, packed to the brim with morphing, disturbing paintings.


As longs as you make sure you walk in the opposite direction to dark corners and refuse to investigate any odd noises, you should be fine.


Wands (£TBC)

For years we've dreamt of a first-person multiplayer Harry Potter wizard duelling game, and lo and behold, we think we're soon getting one.


We can't imagine anything more fun than running around vast levels, flinging spells at other players while simultaneously dodging and blocking their attacks, though we're not sure how the movement is going to work at this stage.


We can confidently state, however, that we'll be playing in our dressing gowns while yelling spell incantations out loud. It's how the pros do it, don't you know.

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