10 Types Of Games We Want To See In VR

10 Types Of Games We Want To See In VR
December 17, 2016

Needless to say, virtual reality is exploding. Even with VR growing right before our eyes there are still plenty of types of games that we haven't really seen. Just for fun, here's a list of 10 games that we think should be explored on the new platform.


1) Super Mario

Mario is all the rage in gaming once again thanks to the recent release of Super Mario Run. A Super Mario game in VR might sound a little more complicated, but there are ways that it could be attempted. Lucky's Tale for the Oculus Rift has been described as an imitation of a Mario game, and gets the player closer to the platform gaming experience. As we continue to make further strides in recreating movement on VR this might be how a Mario title could work for the new systems.


2) High-End Endless Runners

There's been some experimentation with endless runners in VR, but surprisingly we haven't seen too many high profile games. A first-person version of, say, Temple Run or Spider-Man: Unlimited would be a lot of fun to play on a headset and could do a great job of conveying the sense of speed without having to require excessive movement from the player.


3) The Room (Or Something Like It)

The Room is a series of mobile titles from Fireproof Games that represents some of the best aspects of smartphone-based gaming. With beautiful visuals, mysterious plot lines and simple but engaging gameplay, these titles are immersive and thrilling while also being well-designed for VR compatibility. There are plenty of exploration and puzzle-based VR games, but something like The Room would be a surefire hit.


4) Virtual Casino

CasinoVR exists as a somewhat simplistic poker simulation, but the potential is there for a far greater VR experience. These days online casinos provide an impressive array of innovative gaming options ranging from themed slots, to different types of poker, to live dealer blackjack. It's surprising that no one has tried to take this variety of gaming options and put it all together in a VR experience that would allow players to feel as though they're actually wandering around a real casino.


5) Donkey Kong

This is sort of a combination of a platform title and an endless runner. Imagine a first-person version of one of the old Donkey Kong arcade games where you would be running forward jumping over barrels and other obstacles trying to get to the top of a series of ramps to confront Donkey Kong himself. This would be wildly fun and nostalgic at the same time.


6) City Builder

There's been some buzz about city-building VR games with the virtual reality version of Minecraft already working hard to satisfy gamers' needs to construct their own worlds. A city builder more in line with the classic SimCity franchise where you could walk among the buildings and features of your town could be a huge step up and really explore the what's possible when you combine the two styles.


7) Horseback Archery

This may sound oddly specific, but we already know that rail-based shooters are becoming popular on VR and we've seen a few games involving archery as well. Throw in the fact that there's already a virtual reality jousting game</a>, and archery on horseback doesn't seem too obscure after all! This would be a terrific way for a developer to design an ancient warfare adventure without worrying too much about players needing to traverse landscapes.


8) Wizard's Chess

There are some interesting chess concepts out there for VR, but nothing quite like Harry Potter-style Wizard's Chess, in which the player would take the place of a piece on a life-sized board.

9) Monopoly

At one point there were rumors of a Monopoly-based film that would have characters live on the playing board, getting into all kinds of quirky adventures. It doesn't exactly sound like a great movie, but it does sound like a fun new way to play Monopoly, and it would be perfectly doable on VR.


10) Franchise Adaptations

Finally, it would be great to see more popular movies come to VR. Those featuring racing and piloting scenes come to mind. Games based on Top Gun or the Fast & Furious franchise would likely work incredibly well. With the eighth Fast & Furious film slated to hit theaters in 2017 it wouldn't be surprising at all to see a VR experience accompany the release.


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