VR Visual Novel Tokyo Chronos Trailer Unveiled

VR Visual Novel Tokyo Chronos Trailer Unveiled
February 27, 2019

Meet the protagonist.


MyDearest has released the first in a series of character trailers for virtual reality mystery visual novel Tokyo Chronos. The first introduces protagonist Kyosuke Sakurai (voiced by Yuto Uemura).


Here is an overview of the character, via the game’s official website:

Protagonist. 16 year-old attending high school in Shibuya.


When he wakes up, he finds himself in the “Chronos World,” an empty, deserted Shibuya where time has froze.


Has a peaceful and caring personality.


While the others become suspicious of one another, he tries his best to trust them.


Back in his elementary school days, it seems that he was the leader of the eight childhood friends, but…


Tokyo Chronos is due out for Oculus and SteamVR on March 20, and for PlayStation VR in July.

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