Gloomy Eyes Shine At Galerie Cinéma In Paris

Gloomy Eyes Shine At Galerie Cinéma In Paris
December 9, 2019

Gloomy Eyes is haunting the City of Lights until January 7, 2020 at Galerie Cinéma in Paris.  In the exquisite VR experience Gloomy Eyes', it is 1983 on a cold night in Woodland City, and being a zombie is still illegal.


Like all of his kind, Gloomy is hiding in the forest, away from bounty hunters. The night is quiet, but Gloomy still tries to stay out of sight. He doesn’t feel comfortable around others of his kind. While bitterness plagues the city, he strives to find a balance in his mysterious dual nature. 


On the backside of Gloomy Eyes, between the world of the dead and the living, Colin Farrell, Jorge Tereso and Fernando Maldonado unveil the backstage of this virtual reality experience visible in the VR studio of Galerie Cinéma, open Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm at 26, Rue Saint Claude in Paris.


This multi-awarded production by AtlasV can be enjoyed in two versions, one being voiced by Colin Farrell in English, while the French one is dubbed by Tahar Rahim.

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