World Bank VR Documentary: Fiji & Rising Tides

World Bank VR Documentary: Fiji & Rising Tides
November 8, 2017
Newsfeed image : VR production Our Home, Our People filming in 360 degrees in Vunisavisavi, Vanua Levu, Fiji.


The 23rd COP conference is being held by the World Nations this Monday Nov.6 with the mission to prevent detrimental effect caused by global warming. This year, the conference has a designated focus on Fiji, one of the small island nations that are at great risk from the sea-level rise. The short 360° VR documentary video “Our Home, Our People” offers the audiences a close look at this tremendous environmental challenge immersing them in the hostile situation that are faced by Fiji residents.


‘Vei lomani’ is a Fijian expression meaning ‘love in action’, and it is a value at the heart of Fijian life. In the spirit of ‘vei lomani’ , Fijians are coming together to respond to the impacts of climate change. Experience the story of Catalina, Rai, Asmita and Rupeni in 360° VR, and explore more at

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