Medical Realities Will Train Our Future Surgeons

Medical Realities Will Train Our Future Surgeons
April 22, 2017

Medical Realities is an education platform for the Oculus Rift designed for surgical trainees. It's expected to officially launch next week.


The 360-degree videos of real-life surgical operations let the viewer watch and learn from what’s happening around them. Boxes of information about the roles of medical staff and the operation pop up around you. The platform offers a collection of modules covering key syllabus material. But be warned, this experience is not for the faint hearted. Everything is on show for you to see - blood, stitches, the works. So best to avoid this if you’re squeamish like me.


Medical Realities is specifically targeted at medical students, institutions and academics but is open for anyone with a thirst for surgical knowledge. By using consumer-level VR devices, the team at Medical Realities hope to reduce the cost of training, and to reach a wider audience.


To get a hold of Medical Realities register here. Prices for Medical Realities are not yet finalised, but if you’re interested sign-up to the newsletter for future updates. Form more information, check out their FAQ section.

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