Go Behind The Scenes At Arlington National Cemetery

Go Behind The Scenes At Arlington National Cemetery
May 29, 2017

Elite sentinels guard The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 24/7, 365 days a year. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery represents all service members who lost their lives without their remains being identified. It has been guarded every hour of every day since 1937 by elite Tomb Guard sentinels.


Becoming a Tomb Guard requires constant preparation and dedication. During the arduous 9-month training process candidates must memorize the grave locations of around 300 veterans. Sentinels spend hundreds of hours preparing their uniforms and studying information about the tomb, and the soldiers buried in the cemetery. Witness this living tribute in a new way in the video above.


Despite how calm they may appear; sentinels are incredibly focused and vigilant when guarding the tomb. They must strictly monitor every movement they make during their shift. Each sequence of their performance revolves around the number 21 - symbolic of the highest military honors. Their patrol includes taking 21 steps down the mat, turning and facing the tomb for 21 seconds, and then retracing their steps, and repeating. This moving ceremony is an everlasting salute to all the unknown soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.


Immerse yourself in this incredible ritual in the unprecedented 360 video above.


For the ideal experience, view in 360 degrees on your mobile phone or in VR headsets such as Google cardboard or Daydream. 


And whatever you do, don't forget to look around.

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