Get A Pilot’s Eye View Of Heli-Skiing In Alaska

Get A Pilot’s Eye View Of Heli-Skiing In Alaska
August 11, 2017

If you want to be the first on the slopes, it’s hard to beat a helicopter. Heli-skiing gives riders the chance to explore remote terrain, and delivers the joy of making your mark on a whole expanse of deep, untracked powder.  


A new clip from the filmmakers at extreme sports company Teton Gravity Research gives a glimpse of a typical heli-skiing expedition in the backcountry of Alaska. Filmed with a 360-degree camera, the interactive footage allows you to change your viewpoint by clicking and dragging your cursor while the video is playing, offering a unique look into what a heli-skiing trip is really like. Watch in Google Chrome for the best results.


“We wanted to show you what a typical day of riding in helicopters is all about,” says TGR co-founder Todd Jones. Preparations before taking off include an avalanche beacon check to make sure the equipment is working – safety is of paramount importance when venturing into the backcountry like this.

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