Embark On A Tour Of The Solar System In 4K

Embark On A Tour Of The Solar System In 4K
November 5, 2017

VR visit to the Solar System in 4K for Virtual Reality - This amazing 360 virtual reality video will transport you through our galactic neighbourhood, the solar system. Your Solar system tour will begin close to the Sun, flying past Mercury and Venus. You will also see the Earth from a near orbit and fly past the moon on your way to visit Mars. The next stop is the massive Jupiter, were you can get up close to the swirling clouds and the giant red spot. You will then be transported to Saturn to gaze upon the amazingly beautiful rinds and moons. You will also fly past the 2 gas giants Uranus and Neptune and then finish the tour of our Solar System by visiting the beautiful Pluto and its red heart.


Get ready for an amazing VR experience that will leave you wanting to try the rest of our VR videos All our videos are compatible with Samsung Gear VR. To watch with the Gear VR, launch the Samsung Internet app and use YouTube to watch the videos, Make sure you also select the 360 view to watch in Virtual Reality.

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