Coast Guard Boat Rescue On Columbia River

Coast Guard Boat Rescue On Columbia River
August 29, 2017

A new 360-degree video from the U.S. Coast Guard shows the simulated rescue of a kayaker in Dead Man's Cove on the Columbia River. 


The video is part of a larger effort to recruit 5,000 more Coast Guard officers, spokesman Levi Read said.


Shot in May, the video was posted Monday and shows Coast Guard officers as they spot and then rescue a distressed kayaker in the Columbia River. Dead Man's Cove, a chasm in the cliff across the Columbia from Astoria, is a popular tourist attraction at Cape Disappointment.


"The video is for recruiting, but it shows some safety measures too," Read said. "The kayaker made herself visible by waving her paddle. She wore a wet suit that kept her alive in the cold water. Those are both practical, easy safety measures people can take."

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