XenoPlay Aims To Augment Live Sports Events

XenoPlay Aims To Augment Live Sports Events
April 15, 2018

XenoPlay is an AR platform that is looking to revolutionize the way users interact with mobile device videogames during live sports event. The cloud-based, customization platform that allows any organization – a team, an event, a league – to create, design and implement an augmented reality experience. The application for this platform could allow visitors to a live sport event in which during the half time event they could walk around and hunt for virtual coins to unlock an exclusive interview. Pointing the device at a player may display a virtual overlay of this match stats, again further enhancing the viewing experience.


“We’re trying to service a demand we see coming, where rather than having a million apps, we have a universe of AR, a platform we can deliver anything on,” said CTO and co-founder of XenoHolographics Rodney Guzman. “We really want to enable someone who works in marketing to not have to talk to any developer or speak about any technology, and to just be able to do it themselves.”


The team at XenoHolographic is excited about the application of their cloud-based AR solution and the endless opportunities that teams and venues can create with affordable and scalable tools to develop products rapidly. With a continuing raise in adoption of AR products to engage visitors, teams like XenoHolographic will be key players in making this technology more wide spread.

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