Woman Marries Toyboy Met On VR Game

Woman Marries Toyboy Met On VR Game
September 23, 2016
‘WE’D LIE IN BED AND CHAT...BUT IT WAS ALL ONLINE’ Woman set to marry toyboy 19 years her junior – after they met and fell in love as AVATARS on a virtual reality game. Fiona Batty was 39 and living in Brisbane, Australia, when she met 21-year-old Patrik Persson on Second Life - an online virtual reality world where users create characters, known as avatars, and then socialise with other members of the virtual world

Similar to how she looks in real life, Fiona’s avatar Phoebe was short and curvy with curly hair. After logging onto the site one day in 2007, Fiona immediately hit it off with a tall, broad, tattooed character called Sareth – who was actually Patrik, a fibre optics technician from Söderhamn, Sweden.
While the pair lived 15,000 miles apart and knew nothing about each other, they hit it off immediately. The soon started dating online – and even built a virtual home together. Astonishingly, the virtual lovers didn’t talk in person until a YEAR later – when they met in April 2008 for a whirlwind four days in Stockholm.

However, the pair were just as mad about each other in the flesh as they were online and at the end of their trip they declared their love for one another. Now, eight years on, they live together in Brisbane, Australia and are currently trying for a baby – Patrik also has an engagement ring in his drawer but hasn’t yet proposed.

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