Watch The World's First Virtual Reality Ballet

Watch The World's First Virtual Reality Ballet
September 11, 2016
The Dutch National Opera & Ballet has created Night Fall, new VR entertainment that can be enjoyed all around the world - Sara Roncero-Menendez Virtual reality has quickly become the future of gaming, with Microsoft and Sony preparing special headsets for its lineups of immersive titles. However, the technology can be utilized for a variety of entertainment experiences. Case in point: Night Fall, the world’s first virtual reality ballet. Created in collaboration with VR company &samhoud Media, the Dutch National Opera & Ballet‘s latest piece can be experienced in its full glory by using Google Cardboard or Gear VR and the YouTube app. From the dancing on stage, choreographed by Peter Leung, to the musicians playing Robin Rimbaud’s score, there is no ‘correct’ place to look in the video. In fact, viewers are encouraged to watch multiple times at different points of attention. Night Fall‘s story is one of a mysterious creature haunting the dancers, bringing them on and off the stage as a violinist accompanies them with music. Watch the ballet trailer in the video below:

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