Watch Scarlett Johansson Play VR Pictionary

Watch Scarlett Johansson Play VR Pictionary
March 28, 2017

Scarlett JohanssonSaturday Night Live's Michael Che and Disney Channel actress Dove Cameron joined Jimmy Fallon for a hilarious, surreal game of "Virtual Reality Pictionary" on The Tonight ShowMonday.


The game pitted Fallon and Cameron against Johansson and Che, and consisted of normal Pictionary rules – except with a VR headset, sketching in air, with their doodling projected on a screen behind them.


Both teams got off to an impressive start, with Cameron guessing Fallon's "Clown Car" drawing quickly and Che figuring out Johansson's "Pinball Machine," despite the actress having only drawn a few rectangles and triangles. Things veered into the abstract, however, as Cameron illustrated "Head in the Clouds" and Che was tasked with drawing "Spring Chicken." While everyone was able to guess the latter half of the term, Che was unable to convey "spring," crafting instead a nonsensical 3D landscape.


"What the hell could this be?" Fallon shouted, to which Che – headset still on – replied: "I dunno man, I'm scared!"

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