Watch Philip Rosedale's Avatar Do A Live Q&A

Watch Philip Rosedale's Avatar Do A Live Q&A
December 4, 2017

Watch Philip Rosedale's High Fidelity Avatar Broadcast From San Francisco Onto A Singapore Stage To Do A Live Audience Q&A


This is a pretty impressive mixed reality application of social VR: Philip Rosedale logged into High Fidelity in San Francisco so his avatar can be broadcast onto a screen on a conference stage in Singapore, with latency low enough that he can participate in the audience Q&A. At the same time, an audience in High Fidelity joins him to watch the Singapore event broadcast into the virtual world. "I think this is a first," Philip says on Twitter, and he may be right. I'm not sure if this might replace other, more standard forms of long distance presence -- i.e., just broadcasting a person's Skype feed onto an onstage screen -- but it's certainly a more fun alternative.

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