Watch 'A Loft In Paradise' In VRrOOm's VR App

Watch 'A Loft In Paradise' In VRrOOm's VR App
October 28, 2018
'A loft in Paradise' is one of the short films currently playing in the VRrOOm's app special Halloween program; the director Alexandre Lança talks about his movie in this interview.


Can you tell us more about your film's background?

A Loft in Paradise is my first film. At the beginning of the writing process, I wanted to do a play about a couple being in Paradise, and then I realized that it could work as a screenplay. I wanted to describe the impact of guilt and regret that could be felt after the death of someone you’ve been lying to for a long time, and the need to let go of this guilt.


What were the main issues you faced to make your project become a reality, from writing to production?

I got lucky because I won a student contest - it was a donation prize - and so I was able to do my film without any kind of restriction. The crew and I were completely free to explore what we wanted to explore, and it was a great experience, very rewarding.


Do you remember a personal Halloween experience that you would like to share with us?

I love Halloween, I love to be scared. My grandfather used to organize Halloween parties for my siblings and my cousins when we were younger. One year, he locked us in the ceiling, and my uncle was hiding in the darkness. It was a traumatizing experience but really fun as well.


What do you plan to do next? What is your ambition for your film, and do you have other projects in the pipeline?

I’m very grateful because the film has had and continues to have a great life in festivals around the world. I wasn’t expecting that kind of response so it is really cool and I’m very happy. I just finished a new film called « Night Stone » (Perle de nuit in French) and I’m looking forward to start the screenings in festivals as well. And I’m currently finishing the screenplay of my next short !


What is your vision for genre films ?

It is really exciting because we are witnessing a new awakening of horror and sci-fi and fantastic films. I think they are lots of stories that can only be told through a genre perspective, themes to be explore, and so it is necessary to keep writing and producing those films, and to continue to receive the support of festivals like Strasbourg, but also from all the financing partners (the CNC, the regions, the TV channels).


Watch the full Halloween program here:

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