Watch Justin Bieber & DJ Snake's New Title In VR

Watch Justin Bieber & DJ Snake's New Title In VR
December 1, 2016

Drive meets Bonnie and Clyde with a dash of Inception thrown in for the official video for “Let Me Love You,” the hit song from DJ Snake and Justin Bieber.


Months after the release of the collaboration, which reached as high as No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, comes a video from director James Lee. Following in the vein of his recent singles, Bieber doesn’t appear, even though the featured characters can be spotted donning Bieber and DJ Snake masks.


Instead of the artists, the video follows a madly-in-love young couple on a wild crime spree, where they get rich through robberies and a daring rip-off of dangerous criminals.


The action seems to turn tragic when the police chase down the young man, who falls to his death after jumping off a building, only to stand up and walk away unharmed, as it’s revealed they are in fact characters in a virtual reality video game being played by a young boy and older man.

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