Watch: Immersive, Glittery MV Creates A Zen Escape

Watch: Immersive, Glittery MV Creates A Zen Escape
October 30, 2016

Filled with the moving image of a large, blinking eyeball, a music video disperses into glistening fuzz as it forms scattered cubes and piercing line segments. The animation, paired with Nelly Kate’s song Unreceived, is a moody spectacle dripping with glitter. The video is the work of animator, Jordan Bruner, who has past filmmaking experience working on other music videos for Paramore and Hem, as well as contributing to documentaries like Waiting for Superman.
When developing the video, Bruner compiled a collection of previous videos she had created for Kate’s summer concert tour, followed by stitching individual sequences together to form one longer video. The indiscernible direction of the animation forms an open experience that allows a listener to dive fully into the song. Drawing several of the loops together creates a small piece of animated bliss in a sea of media beckoning for attention.
Zen out and enter glittery nirvana in Jordan’s Bruner’s video here:

See more work from Jordan Bruner on her website, here.

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