Watch The Golden State Warriors In 360 VR!

Watch The Golden State Warriors In 360 VR!
January 24, 2017

An inside look into Accenture’s production of the 360 video and our thoughts on why it could be a game changer (pun intended) for the future of entertainment experiences for sports fans.

If you haven’t watched the Golden State Warriors VR experience yet, do. Released on last month, this is the first VR release (of what we hope will be many more) from the Accenture/Warriors team-up, a new partnership dedicated to reinventing the fan experience. In fact, it’s the first VR release of this type from any NBA team, as Accenture is the very first company to be given this level of access to a team during game day.


Excited by this innovative and promising non-gaming application of virtual reality, we connected with the production team at Accenture to find out more about the process of the making of this experience - here’s what we learned:


What it is


Warriors Fans: Get up close and personal with Kevin Durant as he dunks in warm-ups, and get right alongside Stephen Curry as he attempts to make his signature patented tunnel shot. See the players emerge from the tunnel as starting lineups are announced, and feel the rush of energy emitting from the arena as tipoff approaches.


“Fannovate: A Warriors and Accenture VR Experience” takes fans on a behind-the-scenes tour of a day in the life of the Golden State Warriors in virtual reality. Accenture, the official technology innovation partner of the Warriors, produced and directed this 2 &1/2 minute 360 video in partnership with iON Creative Studios, taking fans on a virtual journey from the Warriors Headquarters to Golden State’s locker room to pregame on the court at Oracle Arena.


This production was a way to engage fans with the Golden State Warriors in a new and exciting way and present a totally immersive 360 video experience.


How they made it


The whole project took just five-days from shooting to final delivery. The process included: single take production (meaning one-shot for all scenes), stitching, editing from proxy-stitch, edit lock, effects, and color correction, compression and delivery. The final 360 video was released to fans two days later, allowing time for testing within the GSW app and VR cardboard distribution to fans attending the December 1st game.  


The Accenture team’s goal was to create a cinematic feel to the 360 video, and the key to doing this successfully was the movement of the camera.  If the camera moved too much, viewers would be prone to motion sickness; if the camera stood still "stick and leave" (the most common form of shooting VR), production would be flat.


To counteract this, the Accenture team utilized the following tricks:

  1. They mounted the OZO, Jaunt, and radius on a programmable dolly with LIDAR spaecial recognition to understand the room it was within and have the operator move the camera in a more cinematic fashion.
  2. If the camera was in a fixed position, they would ensure that the elements around were immersive or moving around, towards the camera.


Accenture is the first to shoot an experience like this in 120 fps, which allowed the capture of a few elements in slow motion (check out Stephen Curry tunnel shot & ending cheer shot).  These shots were mixed with OZO 30 fps and then finished utilizing filmmaking techniques within, including color correction and finishing effects.


And why we love it!


We were excited about the cinematic approach the Accenture team took when creating this experience. We feel it makes a more seamless and enjoyable viewing experience for mainstream users.


The standalone experience was fun and engaging, but what we’re most excited about, is that this is only the beginning for virtual reality experiences in professional sports. Like gaming and cinema, VR has the potential to radically redefine entertainment in this space, and we can’t wait to see where it goes (our minds have already begun to run wild with the very real possibilities of what’s next). Given that the Warriors’ home base is in the tech-capital of the world, it seems fitting that they be at the forefront of tech innovations for the fan experience. If successful, this video could be the launching pad for industry-wide virtual reality offerings to fans.


VRrOOm believes in VR’s potential to revolutionize entertainment and we’ve dedicated ourselves to its advancement. We’re excited about what Accenture and the Warriors have created, as it is a clear way forward to innovate the fan experience.



  • View the video in 360 on the Warriors’ Facebook or YouTube platforms
  • Read the official GSW & Accenture Fannovate press release here
  • Learn more about Accenture’s  partnership with the Warriors on their website

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