Watch A Fire Devastating Your Home In VR

Watch A Fire Devastating Your Home In VR
March 30, 2017

A terrifying virtual reality simulator has highlighted just how fast a fire can devastate your home.


The scary video shows an gas fire left unattended in a living room, filled with soft furnishings and clothes on a maiden.


Within seconds, the clothes - left out to dry - are engulfed by flames.


Thirty seconds later and the room starts to fill with black smoke as debris and parts of the walls and ceiling fall to the floor.

Fire can devastate a home within a minute (Photo: New Zealand Fire Service/Youtube)
Leave valuables behind (Photo: New Zealand Fire Service/Youtube)


In just one minute, the fire has already spread with devastating consequences.


The footage is taken from a virtual reality simulator video which has been created by the New Zealand Fire Service.


It also features poignant messages around the room, encouraging people to leave behind valuable belongings, even if they contain memories.

Objects left too close to heaters can start fires (Photo: New Zealand Fire Service/Youtube)


One quote reads: "You can make new memories if you live. Leave it behind.


The Fire Service are encouraging everyone to have an escape plan so that everyone in the family is aware of how to get to safety in the event of a fire.


Escape Plan


  1. Set a meeting place (ideally in the open air, away from the home)
  2. Pick escape routes and check they are easy to access
  3. Check smoke alarms are fitted and have working batteries
  4. Make sure everyone in your home is aware of the escape plan
  5. Book a Home Fire Safety visit for more advice

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