Watch Emma Watson In Funny Or Die 360 Interview

Watch Emma Watson In Funny Or Die 360 Interview
March 19, 2017

The actual conversation with “Beauty and the Beast” stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens wasn’t the focal point ofFunny or Die’s interview with the cast members.


With the power of Oculus 360 degree immersive cameras, everything happening in the background of the interview was captured, ranging from a sobbing bride being chased by a groom to a cat cruising around on a rumba.


Surrounded by a floor covered with pizzas boxes, the interviewer began the chat by asking Watson if she would recommend kidnapping as a dating strategy, since the Beast kidnaps Belle and she then falls in love with him in the film.


“No, I would definitely stay away from that, even as a thought process really,” Watson replied while a security guard chased a man riding a hoverboard in the background.


As the interviewer went on to ask Stevens about how he grew out his hair for the Beast’s role, a clown burst into the interview. “There’s a clown movie going on next door,” the interviewer explained. “It’s a documentary I think.”


Just a few moments later, a voice in the background whispered that it was time to wrap up the interview. The interviewer gets frustrated and proceeds to walk off with the poster for the film, later asking the stars if they wouldn’t mind autographing it for him.


“Nobody does this to Mario Lopez, why do I have to get cut off? I didn’t even get a chance to ask all my good questions.” he said.


Watch the video below, you may spot up to 15 few surprises, including:

  • A man eating several hot dogs and loudly squeezing ketchup and mustard on them.
  • Woman applying lipstick all over her face
  • A sobbing bride being chase by a groom
  • An electrician using the lights to create shadow puppets
  • A cameraman who is constantly trying to adjust a broken tripod
  • A sound guy holding a boom that he keeps dropping
  • A clown bursting into the interview
  • A costume person dressing someone continuously with layers of clothes
  • A clown on a pogostick
  • Someone on a hoverboard being chased by security
  • Two PA’s playing jenga
  • A Mariachi band
  • Old Ladies Exercising.
  • Pizzas all over the floor
  • A cat on a roomba

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