Watch 3 Different 'Doctor Strange' VR Experiences

Watch 3 Different 'Doctor Strange' VR Experiences
October 29, 2016

What could be a better way than using Google’s Tilt Brush to design magical worlds in virtual reality?
In a move to promote the new ‘Doctor Strange’ movie, Warner Bros and Marvel Studios brought together three Tilt Brush artists to design virtual reality experiences.
In collaboration with RealD, artists Stuart Campbell, Steve Teeple and Danny Bittman traveled to New York, London and Hong Kong to create amazing 3D designs inspired by the magical world of the mystic arts.
The result is a stunning visual journey into the imaginary world of Doctor Strange through trippy colors and designs.

Each artists designed a different VR experience set in three different cities.
HONG KONG — Stuart Campell

NEW YORK — Danny Bittman

LONDON — Steve Teeple

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