Walmart To Get Hotel Transylvania 3 VR Edition

Walmart To Get Hotel Transylvania 3 VR Edition
October 11, 2018

Sony Pictures has teamed up with immersive reality book company Quantum Storey.


When things get stressful, you need to take a little ‘me time’ – goodness knows we all know that. When you’re the Lord of darkness and in charge of a very busy hotel however, getting away from it all comes with a lot of baggage.

But for Dracula there is no escape from his friends the Drac Pack, or his father, nor it seems everyone else that works at his hotel either. That’s not even mentioning the giant dog in a trench coat his Grandson is smuggling along for the ride. All of which was covered earlier this year in Hotel Transylvania 3.


Now Sony Pictures has teamed up with virtual reality (VR) book company Quantum Storey to create a special activity booklet that will allow owners of the forthcoming Hotel Transylvania 3 VR Studio edition to take a holiday of their own. A virtual one with all their favourite characters from the Hotel Transylvania films and engage in activities in both 360 degree video and augmented reality (AR).


“With this new product platform, consumers now have the ability to ‘step inside’ and interact with scenes from the film for a deeper, immersive 360° VR experience.” Explained Senior Vice President of Digital Distribution at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Pete Wood. “After seeing the capability of Quantum Storey’s extended reality platform with their Operation YOU VR book series, we are thrilled to bring this new product category to market combining the immersive world of VR and AR with physical books and for the first time putting consumers inside the world of Hotel Transylvania.”

“We are incredibly excited to be working side-by-side with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to launch this new consumer product.” Added J.M. Haines, Quantum Storey Co-Founder. “Sony Pictures is an ideal launch partner for us – in addition to being a leader in creating world-class content with a rich library of titles, they have long been at the cutting edge of technology.  Working with them on this collaboration has enabled us to see first-hand their passion for delivering incredible new experiences to customers.”


The VR Studio edition of Hotel Transylvania 3 will feature the Blu-ray, DVD and Digital versions of the film as well as the activity book and will be available only at Walmart stores in America.

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