VRrOOm's VR App Can Now Play AR Content

VRrOOm's VR App Can Now Play AR Content
December 20, 2018

Launched on September 8, 2018 and developed by Paris-based XT technology studio Bemersive for both mobile- and PC-based VR devices, the VRrOOm's XR Festivals app is dedicated to bring the world's finest festivals and cultural events' virtual reality and augmented reality programs to audiences worldwide, in streaming.


Not only can the app broadcast VR content, but it has also just been upgraded to showcase Augmented Reality creations such as narrative content or advertisements. This makes the VRrOOm's app the world's first mainstream extended reality platform capable of playing both AR and VR creations in one single environment, bringing 6DoF play mode to streamed entertainment content.


VRrOOm's CEO Louis Cacciuttolo explained that thanks to its strategic partnership with XR technology wizards Bemersive, his aim was to place VRrOOm at the forefront of innovation for immersive creative content distribution.


Check how AR comes to life within a VR environment in this short demo video below: 

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