VRrOOm Will Let you Fly Over Earth, In Paris

VRrOOm Will Let you Fly Over Earth, In Paris
February 1, 2017

VRrOOm will let you fly over Earth with the BBC's VR Spacewalk experience from February 24 to 26 during the Virtuality Paris exhibition.


VRrOOm partners with REWIND studios to showcase this epic virtual reality experience based on Nasa's training programme. REWIND collaborated with BBC Science, BBC Learning and BBC Digital Storytelling to create an epic 15-minute immersive title, BBC Home - A VR Spacewalk.


The award winning interactive experience sees you traversing the space station, journeying on the Canadarm, before going on an emergency mission and jet-packing back to safety. It also encompasses randomized views of the Earth and atmospheric phenomenon, so that no experience is the same.


Home's ambition as a piece of VR is to combine a strong narrative and sense of drama with the incredible impact possible in an immersive experience to encourage and enhance the public's interest in space. It puts you at the centre of the story, taking you on an emotional and personal journey whilst delivering beautiful, heart-stopping and memorable moments.


Find us at booth #57 and become an astronaut! 


Find out more about the experience in the video below, and more info about Virtuality Paris here: http://www.virtuality-paris.com/en/

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