VRrOOm Launches First VR Film ‘The Last Footprint’

VRrOOm Launches First VR Film ‘The Last Footprint’
September 14, 2016
VRrOOm’s CEO Louis Cacciuttolo and Thierry Neyen, Executive Vice-President, announced today a strategic partnership with Elysium, a Chinese AR/VR production studio based in Beijing.

PARIS, September 13, 2016 – VRrOOm’s first VR content production is a further move for the French startup towards achieving its goal of building a comprehensive ecosystem around Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality. VRrOOm’s company structure encompasses three complementary businesses related to VR: an information aggregator website (www.vrroom.buzz), a physical and digital VR content distribution platform (VR cinema sites VRrOOm Sanctum will open this autumn in China and in France in partnership with Chinese film industry leader China Film Group and French cinema chain CineMovida), and now a VR film production arm. Thierry Neyen said: “Choosing China as a production hub for cinematic content in Virtual Reality makes a lot of sense, since China is de facto one of the biggest markets in the world for VR content consumption. Elysium has nearly 2 years of experience and a great track record in producing AR, VR and MR quality content for all types of formats, from Google Cardboard to HTC Vive.”

The strategic partnership with Elysium Studio will focus on developing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality projects of live action and animation content. A prototype of ‘The Last Footprint’ was introduced in August to the public during BIRTV, China’s largest cinema technology and equipment. “‘The Last Footprint’ is an interactive animated short film developed for HTC Vive; it’s our first production in partnership with Elysium and the public’s response was very positive”, Louis Cacciuttolo said. “As a filmmaker, I am personally interested in finding solutions to develop VR content with a strong linear storytelling component, while allowing the audience to participate in the action; our partners at Elysium have the right creative and technical skillset necessary to provide such solutions.”

‘The Last Footprint’ is a fable about environmental sustainability
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Based on two famous Chinese legends, « The Last Footprint » takes place in a faraway future, after the whole humanity has disappeared. Chang’E, the goddess of the Moon, and YuTu, the Jade Rabbit, are still living together on the Moon where they keep the last remains of human civilization safe. Chang’E struggles to keep the moon clean and protect the human remains from the loads of rubbish landing on the moon’s surface like a meteor shower, especially as the Earth flies over. She uses spaceship debris to cover Armstrong’s footprint, which is also the last testimony of the human civilization. The movie tells a simple but moving story, combining these Chinese legends to Virtual Reality technology. The spectators can get a seamless experience as they are not only being told a story, but they are also expected to actively participate : they are given the mission to create and send stars to Chang’E so that she can light up the moon and protect the human remains. But first of all, the audience has to create stars in order to light up the universe so that they can find where the moon is. The movie reminds us how fragile our civilization is, and invites us to take better care of our planet. The prototype demo video in this artcile was shot in Beijing during the BIRTV show on August 26, and the final trailer will be available in October in English, French and Chinese.

‘The Last Footprint’ will be officially released next month in China, in France and in the US, and available on VRrOOm’s digital platform for download. Niu Jing, CEO of Elysium Studio, further commented: “There is value in partnering with VRrOOm because we share the same passion about cinema, art and technology. Most people don’t understand what Virtual Reality exactly is, and some may feel VR is intimidating. We want to bring humanity to the technology by creating stories that resonate with our audience.” When asked what would come next, Louis Cacciuttolo hinted that music and sound would play a big role in VRrOOm’s next project with Elysium, and that they would be many more to come as both companies already agreed to share more resources in order to maximize efficiency.

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