VRrOOm Debuts Curated Series Of XR Creations

VRrOOm Debuts Curated Series Of XR Creations
June 8, 2019

Paris, June 8, 2019 - Launched in September 2018, the VRrOOm's XR app is best known for bringing some of the world’s finest festivals’ VR and AR programs to the audience in streaming access.


The program changes every other month, allowing the audiences to enjoy new and high-quality XR content for free during a full month right after the festival ends in the real world.


Starting June 1, 2019, the platform is launching a monthly program of curated narrative and artistic content, in VR, AR and also in traditional 'flat' format, accessible with an ‘all you can watch’ day pass for a flat fee of $2.9 only.


The launch titles include rarities such as ‘Viens’, ‘Proxima’, or ‘Incitement’. Part of the program contains mature or disturbing content that is not suitable for all audiences.


Below is a preview of the titles included in the launch program:



Michel Reilhac is the author of Viens!, a tantric VR experience. Here's an excerpt of his interview with the online media imm3rsive.com: "When I started watching VR content, I wanted to explore the subject of intimacy and empathy, and push the boundaries of what could be done around nudity. I wanted to invite the public to watch people making love, exploring the idea that sexuality can be the vehicle for a spiritual journey, a way to realize oneself fully, together with the other. I wanted to take sexuality to new grounds, exploring the fluidity that exists between gender and sexual preference, as a means of breaking free from the limits imposed by the norm. See how far I could go in terms of intimacy and empathy by adopting a subjective point of view, without falling into pornography."

"I also wanted to express some special effects, playing with the spherical space that envelops the actors. From the beginning, "Viens!", which means "Come!" in English, was conceived as an exercise, a visual poem, a metaphor around the notion of being one with others. Sex and nudity give us the opportunity to free ourselves. When we are naked and make love to someone, we free ourselves from many things. Beyond chemistry, it is the aura that emerges that fascinates me. A form of spiritual awakening, in a way."

Concept, Direction: Michel Reilhac

Creative technologist: Carl Guyenette

Key Collaborators: Mélanie Le Grand, Xavier Servas, Sebastian Shorter

Three women and four men, all naked, appear out of nowhere in the white, sunny space of a bright room outside of time. They meet, touch, share their energy, and are transformed spiritually, they let themselves become one with the world.

Cast: Amador Jojo, Ayoti, Christophe De La Pointe, De La Fouquette, Flozif, Yumie Volupté, Fox


-     Director: Michel Reilhac

-     Production: MELANGE (Paris) in France

-     Production year : 2015

-     Time: 12 minutes

-     Full credits

Performers: Amador Jojo, Ayoti, Christophe De La Pointe, De La Fouquette, Flozif, Yumie Volupté, Fox
Concept, Author, Director: Michel Reilhac
Digital Director, Experience Design, Post-Production: Carl Guyenette / SpheresVR
Editing: Michel Reilhac - Carl Guyenette
Co-author, Actors Direction: Mélanie Le Grand
Scenography: Michel Reilhac - Mélanie Le Grand
Inflatable Scenography: Xavier Servas
Original Sound Score: Sebastian Shorter
Sound: Marie Lisel
Camera Assistant: Silvie Mexico
Set Photographer: Laurent  Quinkal
Production Manager: Clément Meslier

Production Assistant: Clément Collignon
Production, Distribution: MELANGE (Michel Reilhac)
Executive Production: SMALL BANG


Ménagerie de Verre (Marie Thérèse Allier, François, Basile) 
Small Bang (Pierre Cattan, Alexandrine Stehelin) 
Boris Lévy 
Erosticratie/ Erosphere 
David Bertrand




A vibrant light leads a man into the night. He follows it without knowing where it takes him.
Whenever he is about to reach it, it shirks, and drags him further. Above all, do not take your eyes off it ! Because the threat prowls: above and below...


Proxima, interpreted by Fabrice Adde and Maud Djaga, directed by Mathieu Pradat and produced by La prairie productions is a spatio-temporal loop, a search for the infinite.


It is a vision, as an echo to the poem of Charles Baudelaire "The Abyss". We are a prisoner between the two unknowns that are birth and death, in the immensity of the world, between our disproportionate impulses of Eros and Thanatos. Each second brings its share of illusions. We think we can grab the glimmer that would tell everything, explain everything. But it moves away ever more, and when it comes to rest at last, it delivers nothing of its intention, or about what would be on the other side. This shirking light represents that feeling of total frustration we have, sensing that, this infinite world, we could almost grasp it. A least we have this illusion within ourselves.


But is this world real or deceptive ? What is it we are looking at ? PROXIMA puts in abyss cinematic VR, a technology which plunges us into a virtual sphere, in a mesh of triangles upon which moving images are mapped. Our actions trigger these images and their eternal renewal gives us the illusion of grasping a real world. With a headset over the eyes or eyes wide open out in the open, can our sight go beyond the big sphere of atmosphere in which we are immersed ?


The Abyss

Pascal had his abyss that moved along with him.
— Alas! all is abysmal, — action, desire, dream,
Word! and over my hair which stands on end
I feel the wind of Fear pass frequently.

Above, below, on every side, the depth, the strand,
The silence, space, hideous and fascinating...
On the background of my nights God with clever hands
Sketches an unending nightmare of many forms

I'm afraid of sleep as one is of a great hole
Full of obscure horrors, leading one knows not where;
I see only infinite through every window,

And my spirit, haunted by vertigo, is jealous
Of the insensibility of nothingness.
— Ah! Never to go out from Numbers and Beings! 

"Le gouffre"
Charles Baudelaire / "Les fleurs du mal"
Trad. William Aggeler (Fresno, CA: Academy Library Guild, 1954)

A tenuous light vibrates like a star in the darkness.
It comes to meet a man and leaves.
He follows it. Whenever he is about to reach the light, it moves away.
Will he be reaching infinity if he grabs it ?


4K VR/360° FICTION - 2017 - France - 9min

DIRECTOR Mathieu Pradat

CAST Fabrice Adde, Maud Djaga


PRODUCED BY La prairie productions

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH Audiogaming & Novelabéal Film

Selected at Venice VR 2017.
Best Production AR / VR Biennial of Frankfurt 2017.




Sara’s been abroad for work, and the welcome home dinner her boyfriend Luis just surprised her with has ended with some passionate dessert between the sheets. When she admits that she’s going to have to go back to Paris for more meetings, Luis sees a window of opportunity. He gets a big confession off his chest… with a very peculiar motive.


Produced by Julie Périon and realized by Wiebe van den Ende INCITEMENT is a mind game between a couple that cannot help but take their competitive practical jokes a bit too far to set the other off. Virtual Reality is the ultimate medium to allow the viewer to really experience the intimacy of this couple from a person’s perspective and get to hear his and her inner thoughts.

Format: cinematic VR – stereoscopic (10 min)
Genre: dark romantic comedy
Director, Writer, Editor: Wiebe van den Ende
Producer: Julie Périon
Director of Photography: Dajo Brinkman
Cast: Chiara Wilde, Durassie Kiangangu
Release Date: WORLD PREMIERE: SXSW 2019 (11-13th March 2019)


Director – Wiebe van den Ende
360 DOP – Dajo Brinkman
Production Designer – Rivka Koops
360 Sound
Bram Kloos – Set Photographer
SXSW 2019 “INCITEMENT” – Official Selection page




Produced by Submarine Channel and realized by Jamille van Wijngaarden and Steye Hallema, Ashes to Ashes is a surreal tragicomedy in virtual reality. The 11-minute one-shot immerses you in the story about a dysfunctional family burdened with the bizarre final wish of their deceased grandfather. Filmed from the perspective of the urn containing the ashes, viewers encounter the colorful family members, who each seem to live in a reality of their own creation.


Ashes to Ashes is an experience designed to challenge the viewer to distinguish what is real from what is not. Ultimately the film questions if there is, in fact, a clear dividing line between reality and fiction. Aren’t we all living in our own world?

Ashes to Ashes is a co-production between Emmy®-winning studio Submarine Channel and AVROTROS – the largest Dutch broadcaster, in collaboration with production house WeMakeVR – a pioneer in the Dutch VR scene, Jaunt VR – world leader in cinematic VR, Force Field VR – a company specialized in 3D content for VR and AR, and Big Orange – a sound studio with a track record in spatial audio. Ashes to Ashes premiered at the VR Days Europe in 2016.




As a boat makes its way across an idyllic lake in this live-action VR, a shaman onboard channels the soul of a drowned man so that the deceased can say goodbye to his beloved. This “soul scooping” ritual is meant to pacify the soul of the dead man, but lust and secrets are revealed that twist the solemn ceremony into a violent tragedy.

Directed by Sngmoo Lee

Produced by Jong Min Kin

Distributed by Diversion cinema

BEST VR AWARD at KFFK - Short Film Cologne

BEST SOUNDTRACK - Festival Courant 3D

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Sundance New Frontier

South Korea|2017|VR360|Color|12min


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