VRrOOm Debuts App With VR Doc World Premiere

VRrOOm Debuts App With VR Doc World Premiere
April 3, 2018

VRrOOm is set to launch its new virtual festival app tomorrow as Paris NewImages Festival kicks off. Included in the 29 films lineup proposed by VRrOOm is a VR documentary screening on the app for its world premiere: Jürgen Hansen and Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff’s “Dans la peau de Thomas Pesquet”.


The 12 minutes short follows a man who has dreamed of becoming an astronaut since childhood and participates in an intensive training with American astronaut Peggy Whitson; from the Johnson Space Center swimming pool to the Soyuz spaceship, a mesmerizing story to watch, and live.


Register to the app in early access here.

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