VRC: ‘Raising a Rukus’ Debuts At Imax This Week

VRC: ‘Raising a Rukus’ Debuts At Imax This Week
May 19, 2017

The first episode of the Virtual Reality Company’s (VRC) new animated series “Raising a Rukus” is set to debut at the Imax VR Experience Centre in Los Angeles this coming Friday, and come to future Imax VR locations in the coming months. It’s the first time an original VR production  has premiered at an Imax VR Centre before launching on a traditional VR headset.


“Raising a Rukus” is a series about two twins who get a new dog, only to find out that the pet has the power to take them to magical worlds. It’s an animated children’s series reminiscent of shows you’d see on Nickelodeon — except this time, viewers are following the characters through 360-degree scenery.


“This is exactly the type of original premium experience, which was designed specifically for location-based VR, we’re looking to provide our guests,” said Imax Chief Business Development Officer Robert D. Lister in a statement. “This family-oriented fare is becoming increasingly important as we are seeing visitors of all ages come through our successful flagship centre in Los Angeles.”


VRC is looking to eventually release Rukus on a variety of headsets, but the company teamed up with Imax for a special implementation that includes motion chairs and premium VR headsets — something that both companies want to eventually bring to many more locations.


“Our collaboration with Imax will enable us to provide unique cinematic-level VR experiences to audiences around the world in an affordable way,” said VRC CEO and co-founder Guy Primus. “By opening their doors to VR, theatre owners are opening up new revenue opportunities for the entire VR ecosystem.”


Imax plans to next open VR Experience Centres in New York and the U.K. int he coming months. Lister told Variety earlier this year that the company planned to test location-based VR with a half dozen centers in the coming months before fully committing to a wider roll-out.

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