VR Terror Tour Bus Comes To Las Vegas

VR Terror Tour Bus Comes To Las Vegas
May 4, 2018


Las Vegas (KTNV) - 13 Action News got a sneak peek at what's being billed as the world's first virtual reality horror bus.


Getting on this bus won't take you back to school, but it may take you back to some of your worst nightmares on Elm Street or in this case a nightmare down Valley View Boulevard right outside our 13 Action News Studios. Era McCarthy is CFO of VR Terror Tours. 


"You can bring the kids but its scary, very scary."


She describes it as a virtual ride through hell or in more technical terms,


" It's a multi-seat immersive virtual reality horror experience in motion," McCarthy said. 


That's just one of many ways Era McCarthy describes the VR Terror Tour. She and her husband started their company in Colorado. 


"We built the experiences. We built the monsters. We created the software. Everything in here is proprietary," she said.


We took a spooky spin around the block and as monsters crept toward me and creatures appeared to crawl all over me;I screamed, jumped and hid behind my papers which doesn't help in virtual reality once you put the goggles on. Closing your eyes is the only escape.


"Then we start moving you and it makes it immediate present and exciting," said McCarthy  


A lot went into the technology and making sure there are enough funny moments to break up the scary moments so you can enjoy the entire ride. 


" But terrifying is so fun. What a great stress reliever!"


Even if you're just relieved that it's over. 

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