VR Slide Scares The Life Out Of GMB Presenter

VR Slide Scares The Life Out Of GMB Presenter
August 8, 2017

On yesterday’s Good Morning Britain, the showbiz correspondent was forced to dress as a shark to celebrate the GMB hosts’ roles in Sharknado 5.


And today, he was made walk the plank 800 feet in the air and essentially throw himself off the Shard.


Richard volunteered to try out new virtual reality experiences at the top of London’s Shard, but that may have been a terrible idea, considering he is afraid of heights.

Firstly, he tried out a VR experience which put you in the shoes of the builders working on the tallest building in the United Kingdom.


As Richard put on his glasses, he was transported to a plank of scaffolding 95 storeys up, causing him to scream – which was fairly amusing, considering we were just watching him stand still.


He shouted: ‘Oh my god, it’s horrible. That’s horrendous. I can’t look down.’

Back in the studio, Kate Garraway joked: ‘It’s torture Richard week on Good Morning Britain, welcome.’


But things got worse when Richard had to try out a virtual reality slide that made you think you were plunging 800 feet down and across the London skyline.

Slide is terrifying experience for Richard on GMB

When the reporter strapped himself into the slide and saw himself whizzing through the air at speeds up to 100mph, Richard screamed and held onto the sides of his ‘slide’, leaving Kate and guest host Jeremy Kyle in stitches.


Better you than us, Rich.

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