VR Park Dubai: Everything You Need To Know

VR Park Dubai: Everything You Need To Know
October 23, 2018

When the SEGA Republic game park in Dubai Mall shut down some time ago, gamers all over Dubai mourned their loss. SEGA was a major draw, especially with tourists with kids. However, now we have something even more wonderful than SEGA Republic to celebrate at Dubai Mall. The brand new VR Park (Virtual Reality Park) is an indoor gaming theme park located on two full storeys within Dubai Mall. Lovers of SEGA Republic, join us and let’s take a look at what VR Park is all about and just how much fun you can have there!

What Does VR Park Offer?

VR Park Dubai combines Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to provide 18 exciting rides and interactive experiences. If you want to escape from your life’s sordid reality into the nirvana of virtual reality, head straight to VR Park, the first of its kind in the Middle East. This gamer’s haven offers multiplayer experiences, in an attempt to foster shared escapism.


Virtual Reality Theme Park Dubai offers VR and AR experiences that cover the gamut of gaming landscape. Whether you want adventure games, horror games, relaxing games and more, you’ll find it all there in the VR Park, Dubai Mall, Dubai. The park’s entry is free, though each ride or experience will cost anywhere from AED 15 to AED 45. VR Park offers every fine location-based immersive experiences apart from VR and AR gaming and rides technologically possible anywhere.

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VR Park Attractions

For those who have experienced the delights of Ready Player One, VR Dubai offers a similar scintillating experience. There are games, rides and immersive attractions for all ages. Here are the top 4 of the 18 amazing attractions; be sure not to miss them!


1. APE-X

This game allows you to become a huge weaponized cybernetic Ape, ready to use any weapon to escape your maker who wants to keep you captive. Your maker blasts fiery drones at you and you’re swatting at them while hanging off the edge of a skyscraper. You get to shoot bomb projectiles and take on evil battle-bots, all the while balancing on a dangerously narrow catwalk, which’ll give you a sense of terrible vertigo if you’re not ready for this game.


2. Burj Drop

Have you ever wondered at just how the Burj Khalifa’s window cleaners manage to keep the windows clean all the way to the top? In this game, you’re that window cleaner, hanging on for dear life. Imagine your cables start snapping, one by one and you start dropping to the earth. The game is all about how you drop from the Burj and manage an intense sense of vertigo to save yourself at the last minute. In this game, you’ll actually feel the terror of that drop, as though you’re well and truly dropping from the world’s tallest building. It’s simply terrifying!


3. The Raft

The Raft is a four-player immersive where the four of you have to escape the fury of supernatural nemesis. You can win this game only by combining forces. In this game you’ll board The Raft along with your friends, and set out to the heart of a swamp where you’ll fight otherworldly creatures. These creatures will attack from the water, the sky and the shore, and you’ll have to battle them to stay alive and stay sane.


4. Challenge Reality 

In this game you’ll be taken to far-away planets in a dystopian future that comes with a fully virtualised Dubai. You have to save Dubai from a number of forces threatening to end its brilliant existence. This game feels so real, that when you finish the game, getting back to the real Dubai can feel very disorienting. Be sure you have the stomach for this game before you sign on!


VR Park Rules

Since virtual reality and augmented reality games can cause disorientation and confusion, players must be in the best of health. For example, if you have heart conditions or suffer vertigo or if you are very hyper-tense, you won’t be allowed to play the games. You must meet the health, height, size and age restrictions indicated for each ride if you want to join the game. VR Park does not allow players to bring in any food or beverages to VR Park. Stand in line till you get your chance to enter; people who cut the line or jump ahead are discouraged from entering. Smoking is strictly prohibited, and guests must monitor their possessions personally.

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VR Park Tips

As a VR Park first-timer, you need to know the dos and don’ts of the place. Here are a few insider tips to help you navigate VR Park successfully.


- If you want access to 7 of the top experiences, purchase a Gold Pass (AED 200) and get ready for the time of your life. You can purchase the Gold Pass at the entry line at VR Park.

- If you are a true VR fanatic, purchase the Power Pass (AED 192) and enjoy all the games you want for 3 hours. You can purchase the Power Pass online only.

- Plan your trip to the VR Park for a weekday, as it tends to get rather crowded during the weekends.

- Put aside a healthy amount of time when you get to the VR Park, since it takes time to get in and try out a few games.

 - Kids who want to enjoy the VR games must conform to a minimum height restriction of 110cms.


Games for Little Ones

There are plenty of games for young kids to play as well, other than totally immersive, deadly VR games for older kids and adults. There are games that introduce kids to virtual reality, through immersive experiences such as Geminose, a gently-rotating carousel where kids become enmeshed in a fantasy world of pink bunnies, flying unicorns, hearts and pretty things.


Kids and timid adults will also enjoy the family-friendly VR Travel Bus which travels from city to city around the world without ever visiting an airport. There’s another game in RobocomVR where space explorers can man and navigate their own spaceship and deal with a world of aliens and space stations.



VR Park has been built by the innovative entertainment developers Emaar Entertainment. It is an ambitious project, taking up 7,000 sqm in the Dubai Mall, on the second level. VR Park offers the ultimate in virtual reality and augmented reality experience. Ever since its inception, VR Park has drawn gamers and VR fans from all over the world to experience a taste of the best VR and AR immersive experiences and games in the world.

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