VR Internet Browsing With JanusVR

VR Internet Browsing With JanusVR
April 4, 2017

Named for the Roman god of passages, famous for having two faces, JanusVR re-draws websites as multi-dimensional spaces which can be explored and shared.


JanusVR’s aim to immerse users in the web. The user first enters the experiences in a private homepage dashboard called a ‘pocketspace’, from there, users can travel anywhere. Typical internet links are re-imagined as portals which allows the user to fly or walk to new areas of the internet.

The experience also has a social aspect. Other JanusVR users who are on the same webpage, or occupying the same web ‘space’ can interact with one another, able to see other users’ avatars and chat to them and share things they might have found. It is even possible to broadcast their movement through cyberspace to share discoveries with whoever might be watching.

JanusVR is compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and works with tracked motion controllers as well as standard gamepads and keyboard and mouse. The JanusVR browser is free to download from Steam.


Further details and updates can be found on the official Steam page.

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