This VR Experience Lets You 'Live' Your Own Funeral

This VR Experience Lets You 'Live' Your Own Funeral
March 21, 2018

Virtual reality is opening up tons of different gaming experiences, like checking out your favorite voice actor's practice sessions, heading to the pool or onsen with your favorite anime characters, or experiencing vertigo-inducing balancing act. A new virtual reality game is getting a little more real, or as Enma Ai would say, "Care to give death a try?"


The company Wonderful Motion is hosting a video that puts players in the perspective of the deceased. Users wear VR goggles and go through the motions of funeral preparation, from being placed inside a dark coffin, transportation to the funeral site, make-up application, and finally display before mourners.


The video is in part an advertisement for a real company, Haruka: Ending Support that specializes in organizing funeral arrangements whether its cremation or a pre-emptive funeral service for someone who hasn't died yet. The purpose seems to be to alleviate concerns for families by letting them see first hand the care and consideration given to their loved ones by Haruka staff.


The video certainly gives a different perspective than Summer Lesson or going on a date with Hatsune Miku.


[Via Yara-on]

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