VR Director Art Haynie Gets StudioDaily Award

VR Director Art Haynie Gets StudioDaily Award
April 26, 2017
By Bryant Frazer


VR Director Art Haynie was honored today by StudioDaily as it announced the honorees on its second-annual list of the StudioDaily 50 — key creatives and technologists whose leadership and influence are breaking new ground in media and entertainment. 


Former ad agency creative and commercial director Art Haynie's awards shelf includes national OBIEs, ADDYs, TELLYs, POLLIES, Cannes selections and a slew of "Best of Reels". He jumped into the world of 360-degree video with a concert film featuring Eagles of Death Metal playing the San Manuel Ampitheatre in San Bernardino, CA, - their last show of a tour that was derailed by the horrific tragedy in Paris, but he's earned recognition for less rockin' immersive work, as well. With agency HighGround, he won the first ever Reed Award for political campaigns and advocacy, recognizing a VR campaign ad in the category of Best Use of Virtual or Augmented Reality. Haynie, owner of longtime production company Big Monkey Films, was recently sought out and signed by talent agency Digital Development Management (DDM), through which he is set to work in video games and digital experiences as well as on AR and VR projects.


So we asked Art a few questions:


What will be the biggest challenge of 2017 for the media industry? 

Monetization.  I hear it in every conversation every single day.  All these great ideas, all this great technology, and everyone and their brother is making content, but between technology changing how media is made and consumed, and mercurial consumers changing it further, it's an even faster moving target than before.  When I got into directing, everyone was freaking out about cable and satellite fragmenting the market, and that target was moving but it was the size of an aircraft carrier and moving about the same speed.  

With the media market now and where it's going, that target is the size of a golf ball and moving at about 17,000 miles an hour.  I've watched over the years as everyone I know in the creative and production industry has been effected by it, including me.  Most that were making a good full time living on it have had to reinent themselves or have simply gotten out of the business entirely.  It's not enough to just stay on top of it.  Now it's like a chess game and I'm having to think three steps ahead of it.  Thats the reason I got into VR and AR.  But now I know the pattern, and it's paying off.  Sorry, I know that's longer than a few sentences... It's hard to answer the disruption of an entire business model in a few sentinces...That or I ramble a lot.


What do you like to do when you're not working? 

I'm an amateur race car driver and certified race driving instructor.  Lot's of geeking out on all the science and physics involved, and you get to go really fast.  And tennis – it's exercise, mental discipline, and you get to hit things at people.


What movie, TV show, book, music, or other media would you most recommend to your colleagues? 

Probably the thing I've recommended the most in the last few years is the book Area 51 by Annie Jacobsen. It has nothing to do with science fiction or aliens, but instead is an investigation narrative about 50 years of the CIA and US Military's covert operational complex.  She was an investigative reporter for the L.A. Times, and did this by pouring through declassified documents and interviewing over 100 people who worked in it and are now so old they want the world to know what they accomplished, so they're breaking their silence and don't care if the government comes after them because they're going to die in a few years anyway.


What's your best advice for others in this business? 

Learn your history, figure it out, and what it means to you, and stay as far ahead of it as you can ... or, as Churchill said, you're "doomed to repeat it."


The StudioDaily 50 is populated by executives and producers who make great work happen; directors, cinematographers and editors who push the creative envelope; and scientists, engineers, inventors and other innovators who keep pushing the state of the creative arts.


"We're proud to present the StudioDaily 50, once again identifying a broad range of hard-working professionals," said Bryant Frazer, editorial director and associate publisher of StudioDaily. "The list honors executives in corporations large and small, pioneering creative thinkers, technologists who make it possible to dream on a screen, and an array of specialists from all corners of the industry."


Congratulations to Art and the 2017 StudioDaily 50 honorees.


 arthaynie.com   vimeo.com / Art Haynie

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