VR-based 'Werewolves Within' Gets Film Version

VR-based 'Werewolves Within' Gets Film Version
December 28, 2018

Ubisoft is developing a feature film based on the video game Werewolves Within, writes Variety.


The video game adaptations is a product of the company’s inaugural Women’s Film and Television Fellowship.


Mishna Wolff is one of the first two in the program and is now scripting a film adaptation of Ubisoft’s virtual reality game “Werewolves Within”.


Wolff’s decision to work on adapting “Werewolves Within” was a bit of a surprise to everyone involved.


“When I first came to Ubisoft there was another one I was interested in,” Wolff told the site. “But ‘Werewolves Within’ kept gnawing at me.”


The virtual reality game has players sitting in a village, trying to deduce which among them is the werewolf. The goal is to either guess who the werewolf is, or if you’re the werewolf, to convince the others it’s not you.


Wolff said that mix of social deduction and deliberate deceit lends itself to political satire set in a small town.


“It kept popping into my head,” she said. “It was just demanding I tell a story.”


She describes the movie-treatment of the game as a live-action horror comedy set in a small town where its residents play judge, jury, and executioner.


Boykin said she was a little surprised that they landed on “Werewolves Within,” but that the end result was a “slam dunk.”

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