Vive Studios Debuts Remind VR: Daily Meditation

Vive Studios Debuts Remind VR: Daily Meditation

Vive Studios have announced their latest title Remind VR: Daily Meditation on Viveport, allowing one to relax, reduce stress and manage anxiety through the immersive world of VR.


The relaxing app developed by Free Range Games, will guide you through various mindfulness sessions as you begin your meditation journey, helping you learn effective techniques in mindfulness, leaving you centered and ready to take on the day.


Virtual reality has proven to be a game changer in the fields of mental and physical health, with psychologists and medical professionals beginning to recommend the use of VR to treat mental illness such as PTSD to rehabbing injuries and even stroke victims.


The title is exclusive to Viveport for the first two weeks at £3.77 and is included in the Viveport Subscription.


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